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Trick Or Treat: This Pumpkin Pie Recipe From Baker & Cook Is The Perfect Halloween Dessert

Just because you're past the age of trooping around the neighbourhood with a bag for candy, doesn't mean you can't still treat yourself to sweets.

31 October 2017

Deepavali Special: Sambal Barramundi Tikka Recipe From Michelin-starred The Song Of India

Chef Manjunath Mural's modern take on tandoori to celebrate the festival of lights.

05 October 2017
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Aquafaba: Vegan 'Egg White' And Recipes To Use It In

Whipped chickpea water is the surprising solution.

30 September 2017

Recipe: Lime Sambal Fish Tacos with Grapefruit Slaw

US taco specialist The Lime Truck shares a zesty recipe for lime sambal fish tacos.

29 September 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

A Classic Ceviche Recipe From Peruvian Restaurant Tono Cevicheria

The refreshing combination of raw fish cured in citrus juices is a delicious representation of South America fare. Peruvian chef Daniel Chavez shares his recipe.

26 August 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

Try This: Si Chuan Dou Hua's Recipe For Tau Huay (or Dou Hua)

Ever wondered how tau huay is made?

15 August 2017
Azimin Saini Azimin Saini

Try This: Chef Cheryl Koh's Strawberry Tart Recipe

Celebrate National Day by making this beautiful tart by Singaporean pastry chef Cheryl Koh.

02 August 2017
Azimin Saini Azimin Saini

Make This At Home: Recipe For Healthy and Delicious Almond Nut Butter

Scrap that preservatives-packed peanut butter and make this wholesome almond spread instead.

22 July 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

Try This: Recipe For Jamon Broth From One-Michelin-Starred Iggy's

Meat replaces bones in the making of this comforting dashi stock created by Spanish-Australian chef Aitor Jeronimo Orive.

12 July 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

The Ultimate Sticky Date Pudding Recipe From Chef Daniel Sia

Here's what to do if you've got more dates then you can count.

17 June 2017
Azimin Saini Azimin Saini