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Bar Banter: Order A Martini Like A Pro

Wet, dry or dirty, James Bond’s got nothing on you.

19 January 2018
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Bar Banter: Neat, Straight Up, On The Rocks?

In this series we decipher the lexicon of bartending, starting with the basics of ordering booze.

27 October 2017
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Whisky Highball: A Cocktail That No Longer Belongs In Dive Bars

This whisky and soda concoction gets a luxe update in the hands of Japanese bartenders.

25 August 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

Cocktail Extraordinaire Rusty Cerven On Creating Magic In A Bar

The head bartender of new private members' club 1880 talks about where cocktail trends are heading, and what it takes to create a great drinking experience.

08 June 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

5 Incredible Cocktail Bars in San Francisco

Where to fuel up the next time you're in the West Coast.

28 May 2017
Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore

Recipe: The Pegu Club Cocktail, Made With Infused Gin

A modern spin on this classic gin-based cocktail.

13 April 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

Asia's Top Bartenders: Trending Cocktail Ingredients Are In Our Own Backyard

The movement to use local ingredients has swept across Asia.

10 March 2017
Azimin Saini Azimin Saini

Serve Up This Boozy Punch Bowl For Chinese New Year

Give your get-togethers a sexy spin with this customised punch bowl recipe from The Library.

18 January 2017

Native: The New Singapore Cocktail Bar That Serves Up Locally Foraged Ingredients

Thai rum with crunchy ants and pink jasmine blossoms grown on Ann Siang Hill prepped in a rotary evaporator. All this and more at Singapore's newest cocktail bar.

23 December 2016
Azimin Saini Azimin Saini

9 Buzzing New Bars in Singapore to Check Out in October 2016

Thirsty for a good drink? We've got you covered in this new monthly round up of the hottest new bars in the city.

07 October 2016
Azimin Saini Azimin Saini