Tag: Singapore Hawker

Breakfast Club: Our Top Picks for Teochew Kueh

No question about it, these treats are worth setting the alarm for.

17 December 2017

Eating Out: Our Top Spots for Pig's Organ Soup

Our picks for offal-ly good pig's organ soup.

15 December 2017

Hawker Guide: Hong Lim Market and Food Centre

Your handy guide to navigating the 100 stalls at Hong Lim Food Centre.

09 December 2017

Shell Out: Our Top Picks for Hokkien Prawn Noodles in Singapore

Five Hokkien prawn mee stalls that don't shrimp on taste.

30 November 2017

Breakfast Club: Nasi Lemak Worth Getting Up Early For

Yes, it's acceptable to be eating fried chicken and rice cooked with coconut milk for breakfast.

26 November 2017

Cantonese Tong Sui Guide: Where to go for Black Sesame, Walnut Paste and More

Where to go for a souper bowl of Cantonese tong sui dessert.

16 November 2017

Laksa Logic: Our Top Picks for a Bowl of Laksa

Where to go for a rich, luscious bowl of laksa.

15 November 2017

Breakfast Club: Our Picks for Early-Morning Prawn Mee

We've got you covered for a wholesome, soupy breakfast of hae mee tng.

12 November 2017

Hawker Centre Guide: Amoy Street Food Centre

Here are the six stalls we patronise at the hawker centre on Maxwell Road.

11 November 2017

Supper Series: Best Places for Late-Night Frog Porridge

Here's a leg up on where to go for a supper of frog porridge.

10 November 2017