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Whisky Highball: A Cocktail That No Longer Belongs In Dive Bars

This whisky and soda concoction gets a luxe update in the hands of Japanese bartenders.

25 August 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

A Foodie's Guide To Japan In Summer

The warm sunny season is also a time to enjoy some of the country’s finest culinary gems.

20 August 2017
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10 Nostalgic Dagashiya Shops in Japan You Can’t Miss

Trendy snacks might be filling Japan's convenience stores but traditional snack shops, or dagashiya, appeal to the collective memory of the past.

16 July 2017
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MICHELIN guide launches its first Miyagi edition for 2017

Another of Japan's prefectures gets a new guide, and its first two-Michelin-starred restaurant.

13 July 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

Hokkaido MICHELIN guide 2017: Two New Three-Starred Restaurants Revealed

Since its one-off publication in 2012, the second edition of the Hokkaido guide unveils 22 new Michelin-starred restaurants.

15 May 2017

Finesse - A Vision to Achieve Incisive Simplicity

Extraneous elements obscure core beauty. Takumi (master craftsman) with finesse is someone who can decipher the complication and simplify their design to remain true to their core values.

11 May 2017
Mandy Li Mandy Li

Innovation: The Key to a Leading Edge

Never rest on your laurels. Being innovative is about expanding on possibilities and staying ahead.

30 April 2017

Omotenashi: The Reason Why Japanese Hospitality Is Different

Taking pride in anticipating and fulfilling people’s needs in advance, the influence of omotenashi is everywhere in Japanese hospitality.

04 April 2017

A Day In The Life Of A Tsukiji Tuna Wholesaler

We glean rare insight into the workings of Tsukiji's famous tuna auctions - and insider knowledge you never knew about tuna

22 February 2017
Debbie Yong Debbie Yong

Daniele Sperindio: What I Learnt From Working at Two-Michelin-Starred Narisawa

There’s nothing quite like the Japanese attention to detail. Open Door Policy and Open Farm Community’s Group Head Chef Daniele Sperindio experienced it first hand during his stint at the two-Michelin-starred Narisawa and shares more in this chef's travelogue.

16 January 2017
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