Beyond the Table: Bjorn Low of Edible Garden City

A celebration of the farmers and kitchen craftsmen who work their magic beyond the dining table.

05 June 2016

Ask the Experts: Keeping pastries crisp in humid weather

Illustrious pastry maestro Will Goldfarb of Room4Dessert shares his secret recipe for keeping meringues crispy in the tropical humidity.

30 May 2016

5 Questions with Yosuke Suga

The 16-year veteran of the Robuchon restaurant group talks about his "secret" restaurant, and what he learnt from working with the chef with the most Michelin stars in the world

25 May 2016
Debbie Yong Debbie Yong

5 Questions with Roberto Rispoli

Naples native Roberto Rispoli of Il Carpaccio talks about how he went from cleaning fish to helming the first Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in Paris

19 May 2016
Ignatius Tan Ignatius Tan

Foodpreneur spotlight: Tristan Torres Velat of Deliveroo

A fine-dining feast brought to your doorstep with just one click? It's all possible, says Deliveroo Singapore general manager, Tristan Torres Velat

17 May 2016

Ask the Experts: The best off-cuts for steak

Passionate foodie and meat expert Andre Huber of Huber's Butchery offers tried-and-tested tips for raising your steak game.

12 May 2016

Beyond the Table: Uncle William of Lian Wah Hang Farm

A celebration of the farmers and kitchen craftsmen who work their magic beyond the dining table

10 May 2016
Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore

5 Questions with Singapore's Foodie Mums

Find out what some of these familiar names have to say about their special day.

07 May 2016
Samantha David Samantha David

Plate stories: Massimiliano Alajmo’s Mezzi Paccheri

What goes into the Mezzi Paccheri, a signature dish at both the Alajmo family’s 3 Michelin-starred Le Calandre in Padua and one-starred Ristoranti Quadri in Venice?

26 April 2016
Debbie Yong Debbie Yong

Ask the Experts: Chilli and craft beer pairing

We tap on Singapore's most celebrated craft beer entrepreneur for cues on finding the best brews to beat the heat - of your food that is.

26 April 2016
Debbie Yong Debbie Yong