Omotenashi: The Reason Why Japanese Hospitality Is Different

Taking pride in anticipating and fulfilling people’s needs in advance, the influence of omotenashi is everywhere in Japanese hospitality.

04 April 2017

Spotlight: Why Asian American Food Is Having Its Moment

Forget overcooked orange chicken or the ambiguous Singapore noodles sprinkled with curry powder. Asian American cuisine has evolved significantly beyond these cliches to come into its delectable own.

03 April 2017

Behind The Bib: Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

The charm of a good plate of Hainanese chicken rice lies in the combination of piping hot rice and cool poached chicken eaten with spicy chilli sauce, dark soy and minced ginger.

27 March 2017
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10 Delicious Traditional Malay Kueh Dissected

Bib Gourmand-awarded eatery Hjh Maimunah sheds some light on lesser known traditional desserts.

20 March 2017

5 Unique Filipino Ingredients and What They Taste Like

Chef Jose ‘Chele’ Gonzalez of acclaimed Gallery Vask in the Philippines takes us through the flavours of his adopted home.

17 March 2017
Azimin Saini Azimin Saini

Chef Andre Chiang On The Art Of Fermented Juices

Beyond wine-pairings, non-alcoholic beverages are given due recognition at two Michelin-starred Restaurant Andre.

14 March 2017

Behind The Bib: Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa

How one man won over the hearts of people with his laksa and mee siam laced with fruit juice.

12 March 2017

Asia's Top Bartenders: Trending Cocktail Ingredients Are In Our Own Backyard

The movement to use local ingredients has swept across Asia.

10 March 2017
Azimin Saini Azimin Saini

9 Top Female Chefs To Celebrate This International Women’s Day

Long hours, high pressure and facing the heat from a hot stove are common in the F&B industry, but these women show they have what it takes to power through and get to the top.

08 March 2017

Behind The Bib: Kok Sen

Zi char institution Kok Sen stood resolute on Keong Saik Road even as the area around it has morphed through the ages. Its key? Good food. We find out more.

06 March 2017
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