Know The Difference: Gelato vs Ice Cream

Should you call a gelato an ice cream? A look into the history and making of this Italian frozen treat.

20 May 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

4 Myths About Prosecco, Debunked

This Italian sparkling wine is definitely more than just a substitute for champagne.

19 May 2017
Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore

8 Types of Singapore Noodles Untangled

We take a closer look at what makes the noodles in prawn mee soup or char kway teow so slurp-worthy.

17 May 2017

A Guide To Sushi Beyond Fatty Tuna

We're all familiar with the ubiquitous salmon and maguro. Now get acquainted with these lesser-known cuts that are just as, if not more, tasty.

16 May 2017

Kirk Westaway: Dishing Up Pretty Flowers In Fine Dining Is No Walk In The Park

Flowers may add vigour to a dish but serving them up is by no means straightforward; Chef Kirk Westaway of Jaan explains.

15 May 2017
Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore

Singapore Wet Markets Go Gourmet

Keep your eyes peeled — our local vegetable-sellers are putting out some surprising finds.

13 May 2017

Finesse - A Vision to Achieve Incisive Simplicity

Extraneous elements obscure core beauty. Takumi (master craftsman) with finesse is someone who can decipher the complication and simplify their design to remain true to their core values.

11 May 2017
Mandy Li Mandy Li

4 Ancient Cooking Methods Revisited

We pay homage to the beginnings of cooking.

10 May 2017
Azimin Saini Azimin Saini

Inspired to Create

With playful imagination and bold inventiveness, Kirk Westaway thoughtfully explores each artisanal ingredient in a bid to arrive at new possibilities.

04 May 2017
Tan Pin Yen Tan Pin Yen

Why Handmade Soba Always Tastes Better

When it comes to making this deceptively simple dish, every ingredient and technique needs to be on point. Soba master Osamu Tagata tells us more.

03 May 2017